It’s Almost Time!

Good morning, everyone!

Guess what! The website is finished!! First of all, I just have to say thank you thank you thank you sooooooooo much for your patience!! It has been more than a month since you guys had an update, and I know you’re thirsty for more Juliana and F.I.S.H.! I am too. You’ll be glad to know that I already have some chapters queued up to publish next week!

I am so very excited about having all my stories and my blog in the same place! It’ll make things easier for you…and me too! I cannot WAIT for you guys to see the site!! It is all the way live right now, but it’s “behind the curtain” right now, he he he. You’ll see when you get there 🙂 I am going to unveil it on May 1 at midnight (EST)! Who’s excited with me?! So…what is the web address? You already know it!! YES!

Most of you are also followers of the Pruett legacy, so you already know the drill. But, for newcomers, I will go ahead and merge you over to the new site so you won’t miss a thing and don’t have to worry about subscribing again.

So long, for now! The next time you hear from me will be at our new home! Make sure you leave a comment on the welcome post so I know you came by. It’ll be like a house warming! 🙂

See you there!

– Jessica


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